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We broker tax solutions for former Dutch farmers living in other countries.

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baner_img2.pngHow we do it

We have a proven seven-step process to effectively deal with the Dutch Tax Department.

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If we cannot get you a settlement, there will be no fee for our services!

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Negotiating Tax Settlements for Dutch farmers

Just what do we do for you?

We solve tax issues. Many farmers have left the Netherlands without resolving their tax obligation with the Dutch Tax Authorities. After being in another country for several years many Dutch farmers have yet to pay income tax, or capital gains tax.

Although some farmers have made provisional arrangements through lijfrentes, winstrecht, BVs, conserverende aanslag, others have just left the country, not willing to wait for the Fiscus to assess the tax owing.

Unfortunately, a number of farmers have left the country without reporting any taxable income. These farmers are subject to huge penalties and costs.

We negotiate tax settlements for all these farmers on a no cure – no pay bases.

When it is advantageous to do so, in consultation with your local accountant, we will collapse lijfrentes, winsrechts and BVs to determine actual tax owed. We gather the necessary evidence needed and then proceed to negotiate the best possible tax settlement for you.

What we do for you is negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to the Dutch Tax Administration and negoiate a solution that is affordable to you.

In short, we broker tax solutions for former Dutch farmers living in other countries.

About Fred Knip


Fred was born and raised on a farm in South Western Ontario to a Dutch immigrant family being the second oldest of eight children. After attending Calvin College in Michigan, United States, Fred moved to Alberta...